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Project Description

We Are Bugs is a simple Silverlight game. The code is meant to be a learning tool for others interested in making Silverilght games.

We Are Bugs was developed by Jeff Weber (That's me). You can find a playable version of the game along with a number of other Silverlight games and samples on my website here:

You can find some details about the source code and game architecture in a blog post about it here: We Are Bugs Blog Post

Feel free to do pretty much whatever you want with the source. Learn from it, extend the game, make derivative games, etc… I don’t require anything specific, but a shout-out to Farseer Games is always nice. :-)

Also, if you do something interesting with the code please shoot me an email and let me know. I’d love to see it.

You can get the latest code from the Releases tab above.


Here are some screenshots:



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